My Favorite Authors

“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.” John Burroughs

A few favorite authors whom I know personally and enjoy:

MaryAnn McFadden, a beautiful and talented lady whose persistence paid off, as she is now awaiting the publication of her third book, a stunningly written novel entitled The Book Lover.  Her previous two include The Richest Season and So Happy Together.
Find her at her website:

Therese Taupponi and Lance Ware
she has recorded a CD titled The Promise: Walking Your Path of Truth, consisting of guided visualizations and meditations with music by international composer Michael Hoppé and the Prague Symphony. Me and Green, a book for children on sustainability, came out in September of 2009. Her novel A Time to Reap, the story of three generations of women finding the inner source of their strength through tragedy and blessings has met with wonderful reviews. Her previous books are Lot’s Wife; Walking Your Walk: A Woman’s Guide to a Spirit Filled Life; and Night Gardening: Passionate Poems for the Beloved with her partner, Lance Ware. She has just written a novel for young people titled Escape from Iraq. She has been published in many literary publications and anthologies, including the Grammy-nominated Grow Old Along With Me: The Best is Yet to Be, where her work was read by Alfre Woodard; and she was featured in Through a Child’s Eyes: Poems and Stories about War.

Edward Flattau, an experienced and passionate environmental writer, has been writing about our environment for over 40 years, is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, a syndicated columnist and author of four books.  He also happens to be married to my oldest and dearest friend, Dr.Pamela Flattau.  His books include: 
 Evolutoin of a Columnist:  the 40-year Journey of America's Senior Nationally Syndicated Journalist
Peering through the Bushes
Tracking the Charlatans

Green Morality
His books can be ordered through .Other websites are  and his own website

Marianne Williamson...Some  of the most beautiful prayers you will ever read -- her book:  Illuminata:  A Return to Prayer

and of course myself:

 "Poor people have big TVs.  Rich people have big libraries"
Jim Rohn